Alert: Banned Skincare in Malaysia

Skincare and makeup products always go hand in hand, regardless of whether they are applied personally or by¬† professional makeup artists. I always use a basic moisturiser to prepare the face for makeup. Kiehl’s is my favourite!

But be careful of what you put on your face, especially whitening products! The Malaysian Health Ministry has just banned 3 skincare products as they contain tretinoin and hydroquinone, two active ingredient in whitening products. All 3 banned products are LOCALLY MADE.

In laymen terms:-

  1. The two ingredient work by preventing your skin from getting darker
  2. But the process of getting darker itself is a safety precaution against skin cancer
  3. So since you’re no longer able to get darker, you cannot protect yourself.
  4. You expose yourself to higher chance of getting cancer.

Be safe now, and don’t forget to read your labels!

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