Ola – Personal Makeup Classes

Peace to all. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for personal and professional makeup classes these days, so I thought I will include some details here for you girls who are interested!

Personal makeup classes
1. Approximately 2-3 hours to learn 2 makeup styles (natural & dramatic). Hours can be increased to learn more makeup looks. Usually completed in one session.

2. Rate is RM100 per hour. You pay only as many hour as you need.

3. All you need is to bring a set of good makeup brush. If you do not have one, we can help you buy a good set of 8-10 brushes (natural hair) for about RM150. Do bear in mind we do not make any profit from this, we are merely helping you buy it.

4. Location will be at any place convenient for you, or at our studio near One Utama.

5. You do not need to buy any makeup products for personal makeup classes as we will have makeup of different brands and formula for you to experiment with. Once you have experienced playing with makeup, you can choose to buy those that you are most comfortable with. We do not try to sell you any home brand makeup for profit. We want you to use quality makeup product as we prefer quality makeup products.

You may email me at cass@dominicabyc.com or call/whatsapp me at 012-2771000.


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