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  • A review of our work for Cartoon by Steve Yockey, directed by KL Performing Arts Centre Director in Residence, Kelvin Wong

“….The set design was beautiful and the costumes were amazing. The entire arrangement of the show was so packed, 70 minutes fly passed in a blink of an eye.”

  • Dominica by C.’s contribution in Clovetwo, TheStar Online, 5 Makeup No-Nos, 11 August 2011

“Most of After Juliet, however, is more Sid Vicious than Shakespeare. The dialogue is completely modern, with generous doses of profanity, and a punk style adopted for costumes and makeup, resulting in the main cast being decked out in leather, studs, and mohawks. This style was one of the best things of the play: while being very captivating visually, it also perfectly captured the violent, anarchic setting of the clan wars.”



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  1. Michelle Lingam says:

    Hi Dominica,

    I’m quite keen to try out your trial makeup.
    May I please know how much this would cost?

    May I also please know how much how your package would cost for wedding and reception make up and hairdo?
    And what the surcharge would be like for an outstation venue?

    My wedding is on June 23rd 2012, church ceremony will be at 11am, and dinner will commence at 7pm. Both events will be held at Seremban.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



  2. Ayesha says:

    Hi Cassandra,
    I admire your makeup skill so much! May I know the makeup brands you use for the brides?

    Thank you and best regards :)

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